La Fabrica - handmade in berlin

Materials, tools and vision

Samak was born few years ago in Berlin, Germany. It grew up step by step until today. Now I have a small workshop in Kreuzberg´s district, Berlin, where I made every single bag with the same dedication as if it were for myself.
Hand driven tools are the only ones allowed inside the workshop, for this reason I am able to assure quality and a lifetime of use of products.
Leather comes from a small family farm located in the north of Spain where I was born and raised. Made with full grain calf-hide and foal Leather, delicately chosen. Natural tanning ensures that each piece has it´s own unrepeatable shades and color reflection. This process presents stains due to brushing, which shouldn´t be considered as defects, but as typical results of this method, which makes every bag unique and exclusive.