La Fabrica - handmade in berlin

Materials, tools and vision

The idea of Samak comes to me in January 2011, simply because I like leather, it is robust, natural material and adquirs beauty over time.
My first steps were traveling and importing finished products, initially in few quantities and slowly I was growing, selling in streetmarkets ,then customers asked me for repairs and I learnt, after I was taking orders for bags or wallets and that´s why I went to Spain and I bought whole leather pieces. With the help of a partner, we made many jobs: waiters’ wallets, theater costumes, restaurant menus, covers for musicians , our strength was that we never rejected an order, a new challenge.
Now I work alone, the initial idea of Samak was to make money but it developed on its own to become a life project. A company project, in which a person like me, only one, self-taught, imports the best quality of Spanish leather, sews each Stitch with the hand, make the design, advertising, website, photos, contact with the customer, organize the sale and every week creates a new product.
It´s a concept, an idea of commerce, where does it come from things we use, , who did make them? How? Where? And Why?
Mines have their own story and passion. It´s a personal development.

I use vegetable tanned leather (meaning leather tanned with crust from trees and water) which I buy from a small family-run tannery in the north of spain. I use aswell oiled leather from calf, thick half grain cattle hide , foal and suede from bovine leather.
I live in Berlin most of the time, working at home or in a workshop nearby. I have many tools and a sewing machine that I never use.