All of Samak bags are handmade to order. That’s the only way to make them for this price at this scale. We do try to keep some in stock but usually there is a week waitlist for a given model. If you are interested in placing an order please be patient. If you have a deadline for gifting etc.

Our current production time is usually 5 days and all packages are shipped with DHL. Delivery take 1-2 business days in Germany and 6-14 business days internationally.

Yes, for just 15 EUR we can fire-brand the leather with your phrase or Image.

Warranty: All of our products are guaranteed for life. If they break ship them back to us and we will fix them for free. Forever. This covers functional and structural damage, not things like scratches or surface discoloration from weather. This is natural and all leather that’s used gets beat up. It’s made for it.